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One of the reasons I have been campaigning against Brexit so persistently since the 2016 Referendum is the loss of opportunities for my foster son and nieces and nephews.  It’s young people who will live with the impact of the decision of the UK to leave the EU for much longer than us older people. We had opportunities which are not open to them any longer. 

One example is the Erasmus programme which is not replicated in the Turing project offered by the UK government as an alternative. Young people will now not be able to live, work and study in other European countries unless they have considerable funds. 

However, one thing that all the proEU groups I have worked with have complained about was a very obvious shortage of young members, i.e. people under 30/35. The numerous marches and anti Brexit protests I attended were also made up to at least 75% of 50+ or near pension age participants. 

Young European Movement

We are hoping that this is about to change. European Movement, the fastest growing UK pro-European group has now been joined by the Young European Movement, YEM. Open to all those aged under 35, since 1972 YEM has been committed to promoting European values and culture across the UK and to ensuring that the UK stayed closely linked to the rest of Europe.

YEM also works with the Young European Federalists (JEF Europe), a political youth NGO  promoting the creation of a democratic European federation as a guarantee for peace, the rule of law and human rights. 

Ukraine crisis highlights need for unity

The current crisis in Ukraine highlights the importance of  unity for common values and for peace. Seeing people lose their lives as they stand up against tyranny and invasion of their sovereignty drives home how successful the European Union has been at keeping peace in Europe for 70+ years. How come that young people in Britain have not to date shown their commitment to European values by joining proEU campaign groups. Climate change actions have managed to attract young activists. 

When looking at the possible reasons for not enough young people participating in the past pro-EU campaigns, besides their busy lives or a lack of interest in politics, financial factors were considered as a possible factor. Travel expenses or accommodation when wanting to join an event in a location away from ones home town might not be affordable for students or young people on low incomes. 

Event starts on Friday 18th March

This factor was taken into consideration by the organisers of the youth launch event starting on Friday, 18th March. . 

Michael, the Events Manager of YEM writes:

“We’re hosting our first in-person event since March 2019:                               

In person event “Beyond 2022”! 

It would be great to see you there and to have this added to your calendar! 

What is Beyond 2022?

Have you asked yourself  what kind of future you want to live in? How can we fight against the Democratic backlash the UK is currently suffering? How can I make my voice heard as a young person? 

The Beyond 2022 event is YOUR chance to discuss your ideas for Britain and Europe with like-minded, young, bright minds from all over the UK and to make your voice heard!

Join Young European Movement, 

the Bylines Network, independent journalism 

Make Votes Matter Alliance, lobbying for Proportional Representation

The3Million, organisation for EU citizens living in the UK,

King’s College European Society and Imperial College’s Young Climate Entrepreneurs 

At Europe House and across LONDON

for a weekend of discussions, workshops, talks as well as a campaign stunt on the Future of Europe and the UK.

All followed by drinks.

From 1pm on 18th March through to 3pm on Sunday 20th March

But I don’t live in London, and accommodation is expensive?

We’ve got you covered. We’re sorting a hostel for everyone coming from outside of London in the centre of the city. 

Ok, great, but it costs a lot to get to London?

We’re reimbursing 75% of travel by train and 50% of travel by plane for those joining from outside of London (up to a maximum of £100). We’re also providing food!

Ok, now this sounds affordable! Where can I get tickets? 

The Eventbrite link here.

PS: To get a discount, join YEM UK as a member via 

And e-mail to claim your code.

Any other questions?

Drop me- YEM and EM’s Youth Engagement Manager a message at           
or call  +44 7917 936564