Umair’s Corner

The Age of Death
We’re A Dying Civilization on a Dying Planet, and We’re Going to Have to Learn a Whole New Way of Life to Survive

This is How Broken Our Economy Really Is – Why an Imbalanced Global Economy is a Recipe for Disaster
A full third of Americans can’t afford healthcare, food, and shelter. Poor Americans cannot afford the basics of decent lives, while the rich cannot find ways to spend their fortunes.

The Senate Didn’t Just Acquit Trump, It Acquitted American Fascism
What do you call a country that can’t hold its President accountable for a violent fascist coup? How Donald Trump’s Shameful Acquittal is a Giant Leap for Fascism in America

This is Why Trump Should Be Convicted
The Coup Only Failed Because It Wasn’t Violent Enough. If Democracy Can’t Punish That, It Ceases to Matter.