The Covid Pandemic in Pictures

A wooden tray with divisions containing a wide selection of wood chisels
A selection of wood chisels in a tray; image by Dave Catchpole, used under CC Attribution 2.0 Generic

James Paxton worked for many years as an art and design teacher. He is expert with lino cutting.  He crafted the pictures below to capture the emotional experience of the pandemic. 

Image 1 – “Drowning”

Blue and black linocut depicting someone drowning
“Drowning” – Linocut by James Paxton

This is an image of how I considered the world to be feeling at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. Overwhelmed, frightened and helpless, losing stability, routines and in many cases family. 

It is of course only a personal view.

The deep blue copy is my favourite!

Image 2 – “Yellow”

Black and yellow linocut portraying the widespread fear which has paralyzed the country during the Covid-10 pandemic
“Yellow” – Linocut by James Paxton

The second is called “Yellow” and represents the fear of everything that completely immobilised the country. 

Image 3 – “Lifted”

Sepia and pale blue visualization of how things might begin to “fly” again after the pandemic has passed
“Lifted” – Linocut by James Paxton

By the latter part of the pandemic I felt Covid-19 had left in its wake a big useless pile of rubbish. Death, depression, unemployment, children lacking basic educational skills.

“Lifted” attempts to visualise how things began to “fly” again, people began to go to work, children began to go to school.

It’s an image of hope and liberty!

Image 4 – “Beginning”

Black and light blue design on gold paper to represent new beginnings
“Beginning” – Linocut by James Paxton

This is the start of an optimistic series about a fresh start, post pandemic.

“Beginning” is a woodland that is simple, colourful and happy. This work is meant to be decorative and joyful. 

None of this particular work is made to sell. It’s both personal and difficult for some to digest. I do sometimes sell work, but I am not motivated or particularly interested in profit. However, if work can evoke an emotional response or make people smile, that is the best feeling of all.