Healthy Eating on a Limited Budget

TC Callis

Most people know that vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fats are important for our overall health, but, again, they may not know the details about why. These substances are known as micro-nutrients because we need them in really small amounts, but those small amounts pack a mighty punch. They are so important that the World Health Organisation calls them “magic wands” because they give the body what it needs to grow, develop, and function properly.

Untreated Wastewater At Margate

Rob Yates

On Sunday 27 June following heavy rainfall, Southern Water’s Beach Buoy website recorded a discharge from the Margate waste water pumping station. This according to Southern Water was a “Combined Sewer outfall (CSO) release through the sea outfalls which is commonplace after a rain event”. Southern Water has a permit to release screened waste (removing solids) mixed with large amounts of water during a CSO and this is released either 600 m or 2 km out to sea.

Poverty, obesity, and malnutrition

TC Callis

When we hear the word ‘malnutrition’ most people visualise stick-thin children with protruding bellies. The idea of extreme overweight being malnutrition is too unfamiliar to feel real. But malnutrition simply means too little or too much intake of energy and nutrients. It is a scale with starvation at one end and obesity at the other.