UK government obesity strategy: epic failure

TC Callis
Large tummy and large bottom

The government is claiming that these pieces of legislation will create healthier eating out and shopping experiences, reduce obesity rates and improve the health of the UK population.But will it really make the UK a healthier place?

Ukrainian refugees seek abortion in Poland

Magdalena Williams
painting by Goya of an act of violence against two women

In October 2020, about 100 000 people took to the streets of Warsaw in a protest against the authorities over the ruling on abortion rights. After protests had been met with heavy-handed police action, sanctioned by the Prime Minister, the UN experts also called on the Polish authorities to respect the rights of men and women protesting against the abortion ruling.

Why does the government need to force academisation?

Theresa Dickens
Strood Academy

In England, City Technology Colleges were established which allowed the Tories to target their wider political objectives of increasing selection, weakening the power of local education authorities and teacher trade unions, and introducing privatisation into English state education. 


South East Water customers invited to comment

Charlotte Mbali
Customer service agent with wide smile looking at computer screen

What kinds of things might water customers have opinions about yp contribute tp the 25-year plan? The most drastic is, of course, water supply. In 21st century England, we assume that clean water will flow from the taps whenever we need it.

Earth Day – 22 April

Kent Bylines
A garden fence with trellis holding apple blossom and a pollinator box

22 April is Earth Day. Kent Bylines invited its writers to tell us what they were planning to do to mark earth’s Mother’s Day.