Memories of another war

Magdalena Williams

When I see families fleeing into cellars to escape from the bombing of their houses, memories of my childhood experiences flood back. As an eight year old, I was very confused and often scared. All I knew was that I had to go to the dark cellar when a siren was heard.

Missing Government Health Warning

Magdalena Williams
Led by Donkeys hoarding in Poole, Dorset: No guarantee

At least 20 million people and even more animals’ lives are affected by it, but you might not know about some of the effects of leaving the EU. There should have been a health warning. The pandemic has hidden some of the impact of Brexit.

New Kit for Refugee Hunt 

Charlotte Mbali

There is unequal treatment of the refugees from outside Europe compared to the recent arrivals from Ukraine. It has been pointed out how two-faced the authorities are: on the one hand, increasing restrictions on non-European migrants and, on the other hand, the welcome for Ukrainians.

Aviation Safety After Brexit

Magdalena Williams

When you book your family holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of the flight you are taking. Who ensures that the flight is as safe as possible? 

Aid to Refugees

Charlotte Mbali
Anti-refugee sit-in in Cape Town, South Africa;

A church leader from the Ukrainian church in London was on the television standing in front of a huge pile of goods donated in response to an appeal by the Polish community. He was explaining what was needed. Bedding and Pampers were on the list, and things for children. But he also emphasised that new goods are required, not old.

Young Europeans event

Magdalena Williams

One of the reasons I have been campaigning against Brexit so persistently since the 2016 Referendum is the loss of opportunities for my foster son and nieces and nephews.  It’s young people who will live with the impact of the decision of the UK to leave the EU for much longer than us older people. We […]

Bill of Rights

Charlotte Mbali

The Government propose to introduce a Bill of Rights and has produced a consultation on this with a closing date for response of 8th March. Charlotte Mbali has a conversation with a local barrister about this. Local barrister (LB) The government proposal and their analysis are rooted in their approach to relevant case law going […]

NATO’s Dilemma

Mike Phillips

In this article, Mike Phillips details the current organisation of NATO, its recent evolution to adapt to emerging challenges, and its current dilemma. He reviews a book “Future War and the Defence of Europe” published a year ago that predicted the events unfolding in Ukraine today. For three years from December 1992 Mike was the […]

Cyber attack by Russia

Charlotte Mbali

Translation by author Source: La Voix du Nord On 24 February immediately after a speech by Putin explaining his offensive against Ukraine, the internet was cut for tens of thousands of French users of Nordnet in the north of France. Cyber experts explained that the Russians attacked a satellite, ViaSat, that supplies internet to users in Ukraine.Unfortunately this satellite also […]