Across Five European Countries

Magdalena Williams

After France, Belgium and Holland, the longest part of the journey is on the German Autobahn. That that is not my favourite part of the trip, I must admit. I won’t bore you with what I thought were hair-raising moments when four or five cars driving with next to no distance between them overtook at incredible speeds. I also lost count of how many road works I encountered.

Autumn Was the Time For Army Exercises

John Bennett

My memory of sitting in a trench overlooking the misty plains below is tinged with satisfaction of a job well done but, in reality, the cost to the taxpayer was huge as large armies are expensive. Yes, we held the line during the Cold War, but at what cost?

From Afghanistan To Ashford: A Refugee’s Tale

Charlotte Mbali

O came and showed me the video on his phone of his hometown. There was gunfire, and frantic individuals scattering, clutching bags and boxes, what they had been trying to sell in the town centre. He told me the name of the town which he said was the last to fall to the Taliban before Kabul.