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South East Water customers invited to comment

Charlotte Mbali
Customer service agent with wide smile looking at computer screen

What kinds of things might water customers have opinions about yp contribute tp the 25-year plan? The most drastic is, of course, water supply. In 21st century England, we assume that clean water will flow from the taps whenever we need it.

Very Light Rail

Nicholas Kerr
Dudley VLR innovation Centre near completion

The answer to the problem of reducing the cost of a light rail transit scheme could well be the use of very light rail.

Regulating For Rainwater

Charlotte Mbali
The Great Stour near Canterbury looking north

Since the 1950s it has been a requirement to separate foul water and rainwater if possible. Over the years, various calculations have been made by civil engineers and planners to reduce flood-risk. These calculations are anchored in a base figure of expected water flow in an exceptional storm (one year in a 100 years). But climate change means such exceptional storms are coming more frequently.

Trams Or Light Rail: Transport For Life

Nicholas Kerr
Waiting tram

Trams are efficient in a number of ways. They generally have priority over other vehicles at junctions, making them speedier than cars. They use electrical energy more efficiently, even more than the expanding fleet of electric vehicles. This is because there is less friction between steel wheel and rail than there is between rubber tyre and asphalt.