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At Wildwood at Easter

Georgina Mear
Spring blossom at Wildwood, Kent

From Saturday 2 April – Monday 18 April, Kent’s most egg-cellent animal park, Wildwood, will be helping visitors put a spring in their step with a host of fun activities and a line-up of furry favourites.

There was a gale

Chris Hammond

There was a gale, a loud crack and the sound of a tree crashing down. If there was a broken cable, were we in danger of electrocution?

Give It Some Welly at Wildwood

Georgina Mear

Home to over 200 native animals, past and present and set in 40 acres (16.2ha) of beautiful ancient woodland where visitors can see bears, wolves, bison, deer, owls, foxes, red squirrels, wild boar, lynx, wild horses, badgers and beavers plus many more.

Fish of the Medway

Tanya Ferry
Image taken from KEIFCA by

Funding for the Fish of the Medway project helps keep the Medway as a no-take zone in order to protect the survival of several fish species.