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Romney Marsh Tapestry

Briony Kapoor
A panel from the Romney Marsh Tapestry depicting Domesday Book, a milkmaid and a church

On the weekend of 30 April/1 May, ten panels of the developing Romney Marsh Tapestry went on display courtesy of the Fifth Continent Landscape Partnership Scheme.


What Is “Disinformation”?

Jan Fuscoe
Graphic illustrating the fact that 5G networks are not responsible for the spread of Covid-19

Jan Fuscoe asks, What is disinformation? She proceeds to explain it and the difference between disinformation and misinformation.

Artificial Intelligence

Jan Fuscoe
Statue of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park

Jan Fuscoe discusses the first of Stuart Russell’s Reith Lectures 2021 and what Artificial Intelligence is and what it means for our future.

The Larkins – a Reboot

Charlotte Lebon

“The Larkins” is a reboot of the 1990s ITV series “The Darling Buds of May”, about a family of farmers living in a Kent village in the 1950s.


Big Poetry Weekend

Nicholas Kerr

We present two poems, plus reference to one published earlier to celebrate the big poetry weekend, in the wake of National Poetry Day