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Youth Day: 16 June

Charlotte Mbali
The Hector Peterson Memorial in Soweto, South Africa

As South Africa celebrates Youth Day, Charlotte Mbali contemplates other public holidays and their importance in helping to define a nation.

Romney Marsh Tapestry

Briony Kapoor
A panel from the Romney Marsh Tapestry depicting Domesday Book, a milkmaid and a church

On the weekend of 30 April/1 May, ten panels of the developing Romney Marsh Tapestry went on display courtesy of the Fifth Continent Landscape Partnership Scheme.

How Britain Ends

Nigel Beevor
How Britain Ends, by Gavin Esler

In discussing “How Britain Ends”, Esler reminded the audience that Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland use a proportional voting system rather than FPTP. He said that the only European nations using FPTP were the UK and (strangely) Belarus.

Zoroastrianism at Spring Equinox Festival

Charlotte Mbali

Zoroastrianism in the Middle East On the Spring Equinox (20 or 21 March), people in Iran and many other countries of the Middle East, celebrate the festival, Nowruz. The picture above is a table laid ceremonially with the symbols of this festival: there are candles, plants, flowers sprouting seeds, bread, cheese, rosewater, wine, a mirror, […]