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UK government obesity strategy: epic failure

TC Callis
Large tummy and large bottom

The government is claiming that these pieces of legislation will create healthier eating out and shopping experiences, reduce obesity rates and improve the health of the UK population.But will it really make the UK a healthier place?

Missing Government Health Warning

Magdalena Williams
Led by Donkeys hoarding in Poole, Dorset: No guarantee

At least 20 million people and even more animals’ lives are affected by it, but you might not know about some of the effects of leaving the EU. There should have been a health warning. The pandemic has hidden some of the impact of Brexit.

Losing a Child

Magdalena Williams

How does one get over losing a child? What support exists for the grieving parents of a stillborn child, or a child who dies soon after birth?

Austrian Healthcare

Magdalena Williams

Magdalena examines the Austrian healthcare System in the light of the treatment which saved her brother’s life, after he had a heart attack.