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Farm-made fertiliser

Charlotte Mbali
Bags of artificial fertilizer

Charlotte describes how a Kent farmer is working to find farm-made fertiliser from the by-products of his mixed farm near Ashford


Mike Phillips
Mother with her starving children

In the spring of 1933, 17 people died of hunger every minute, more than 1 000 every hour, and almost 24 500 every day.

Brussels Sprouts

John Bennett

Brussels sprouts were cultivated in the 13th century in significant numbers around the area of Brussels whence their name was derived.

French Fishing Boats Kept at Bay

Charlotte Lebon

For the next two weeks, the French authorities will discuss with the EU  representatives of the other 27 countries to see if a diplomatic solution can be found. But, if not, the fishing boss threatens actions will be taken against the British, not blocking the port, but stopping British goods.

The Battle Of the Cull

Annette Beveridge

cattle movement regulations. They are concerned that the Government is undertaking the cull without real evidence that it is working. In 2008, a scientific research paper entitled, Bovine TB: The Scientific Evidence stated, “we conclude that badger culling cannot meaningfully contribute to the future control of cattle TB in Britain.”