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New Constituency Proposed for Kent

Charlotte Lebon

This new constituency of Weald Central … includes several of the wards from the east of Tunbridge Wells, and more from the west of Ashford. Ashford also loses some north western wards to Maidstone, but gains two large rural wards in the North Downs area. The largest town in the proposed new constituency is Tenterden (pop 8,000) larger than Cranbrook (pop 7,000). Personally, from childhood affection for this part of the Weald, I think the proposed new constituency makes sense.

Protests, Marches, and the PCSC Bill

Magdalena Williams

The new PCSC Bill clause 4 amends Part 2 of the Public Order Act 1986, which provided various powers to manage processions and assemblies. The Bill broadens out the range of circumstances in which conditions can be imposed on public assembly including noise generated by persons taking part.