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Bill of Rights

Charlotte Mbali

The Government propose to introduce a Bill of Rights and has produced a consultation on this with a closing date for response of 8th March. Charlotte Mbali has a conversation with a local barrister about this. Local barrister (LB) The government proposal and their analysis are rooted in their approach to relevant case law going […]


What Is “Disinformation”?

Jan Fuscoe
Graphic illustrating the fact that 5G networks are not responsible for the spread of Covid-19

Jan Fuscoe asks, What is disinformation? She proceeds to explain it and the difference between disinformation and misinformation.

Standards In Public Life

Jan Fuscoe

Jan introduces us to the seven “Nolan Principles” of standards in Public life. She considers the behaviour of MPs which is at odds with Nolan.

Civil Liberties Under Threat

Nigel Beevor

The Government’s proposals would weaken our Civil Liberties. They would show that the Government cannot be trusted on Constitutional Reform. The Electorate should be reminded of the dangers to our liberties and the warnings made by Lord Hailsham in the 1970s of the growth of an elective dictatorship in our country.


Charlotte Lebon
Partygate meme

Partygate: Kent Bylines has been collecting the memes on the theme which have been circulating on social media.