Category: Defence

NATO’s Dilemma

Mike Phillips

In this article, Mike Phillips details the current organisation of NATO, its recent evolution to adapt to emerging challenges, and its current dilemma. He reviews a book “Future War and the Defence of Europe” published a year ago that predicted the events unfolding in Ukraine today. For three years from December 1992 Mike was the […]

Cyber attack by Russia

Charlotte Mbali

Translation by author Source: La Voix du Nord On 24 February immediately after a speech by Putin explaining his offensive against Ukraine, the internet was cut for tens of thousands of French users of Nordnet in the north of France. Cyber experts explained that the Russians attacked a satellite, ViaSat, that supplies internet to users in Ukraine.Unfortunately this satellite also […]

Autumn Was the Time For Army Exercises

John Bennett

My memory of sitting in a trench overlooking the misty plains below is tinged with satisfaction of a job well done but, in reality, the cost to the taxpayer was huge as large armies are expensive. Yes, we held the line during the Cold War, but at what cost?