Migration canoes to flying foils

Mike Phillips
A Maori Waka at Waikato

Waka is the Maori word for a vessel or canoe. A waka hourua is a double hulled ocean-going canoe used over many centuries for migration of the Maori race across the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. The design used is still relevant to sports and recreational boats of today.

Aviation Safety After Brexit

Magdalena Williams

When you book your family holiday, the last thing you want to worry about is the safety of the flight you are taking. Who ensures that the flight is as safe as possible? 

There was a gale

Chris Hammond

There was a gale, a loud crack and the sound of a tree crashing down. If there was a broken cable, were we in danger of electrocution?

Mother Tongue

Charlotte Lebon
Fresco in Rochester Cathedral: Baptism of Christ and of men of Kent

If the original inhabitants of Kent spoke brythonic, an ancestor of Welsh, why is it that their mother tongue became English?

Crossing Borders

Magdalena Williams

Magdalena examines her lasting horror of crossing international borders. In this article she details a very harrowing experience in Hungary.

The Big Fat Myth

TC Callis

Health professionals, the food industry and government public health messaging have been telling us to avoid fat for decades.

Couples on Camera

Fleur Challis

A small gallery of Couples on Camera, photographs by Folkestone photographer, Fleur Challis; some are birds pairing, others are people.