Using less water

Juliet Blackburn
Drop of water

How can we use less water? We have to plan seriously in order not to run out by recycling as we have enough problems with sewage in our rivers.


Invasion and Repression 

Philippe Bassett
Garage Krantz in Molsheim today

Philippe Bassett reflects on his roots in Alsace, which has endured invasion and repression, and compares it with the experience of Ukraine.

The World in a Tent 

Charlotte Mbali
A display of oriental dance with colorful scarves

Charlotte delights in the multicultural World in a Tent festival in Ashford and bemoans the benighted attitude of the Borough Council towards such events.

An evening with Lea Salonga

Nicholas Kerr
Publicity photo of Lea Salonga

Was Manilla empty last Wednesday evening, 29 June? Judging by the number of Filipinas and Filipinos who gathered at Canterbury’s Marlowe Theatre it could well be so! The reason for such a turn-out? The penultimate concert by Ms Lea Salonga of her recent tour of the United Kingdom. Dream again Under the title “Dream Again” […]