Electric Scooter Rider at Dawn, a poem

Charlotte Lebon

He was standing up straight on the scooter,A silhouette in the dawn sunlight,As he glided over the railway bridgeSafety jacket gleaming,One of the few going to work on wheels like this. What posture compares to this allure ?A charioteer poised in bronze cab, reins in handA steel-clad knight pounding by on be-ribboned steed ?A falconer […]


E-Scooter Trial in Canterbury: mixed views

Frances Williams

Although e-scooters are only legal if used on private land unless part of a government trial, thousands have been bought with a cost of as little as £300. They have become a common sight throughout the country and a hazard. To date, at least four people have died and many others have been injured, some of them with life changing injuries.


The Lost Wisdom of the Magi – A Novel by Susie Helme

Charlotte Lebon

The protagonist, Sophia is a Jewish girl from Babylon. The plot is broadly divided into five phases: her life in Babylon in a family of well-settled Jews, her father being a keeper of manuscripts; her flight across the desert with Nabatean merchants; her seven years with a strict Jewish sect;  her allegiance to the zealots in the time of the Roman attacks on Jerusalem, and finally her looking back in old age, from a female academy in Alexandria. 


Europe’s network of roads: I’ll tak’ the e-road

Nicholas Kerr

[European routes] are not acknowledged within the United Kingdom, which already has its A, B and even occasionally C roads. Nevertheless, if you travel any distance at all in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, sooner or later you will be using or crossing an E-road.