UK government obesity strategy: epic failure

TC Callis
Large tummy and large bottom

The government is claiming that these pieces of legislation will create healthier eating out and shopping experiences, reduce obesity rates and improve the health of the UK population.But will it really make the UK a healthier place?

Ukrainian refugees seek abortion in Poland

Magdalena Williams
painting by Goya of an act of violence against two women

In October 2020, about 100 000 people took to the streets of Warsaw in a protest against the authorities over the ruling on abortion rights. After protests had been met with heavy-handed police action, sanctioned by the Prime Minister, the UN experts also called on the Polish authorities to respect the rights of men and women protesting against the abortion ruling.

All Change for Ashford

Charlotte Mbali
Ashford railway station with a Eurostar train on the left

In 1899 the SER agreed with the LCDR to share operation of the two railways, work them as a single system (marketed as the South Eastern and Chatham Railway) and pool receipts.

Homes for Ukraine volunteer groups

Tanya Ferry
Refugees from Ukraine

A joint press release 29 April 2022 Volunteer groups step up to plug holes in UK’s ‘dysfunctional’ Homes for Ukraine scheme. A joint press release from volunteer groups involved in helping Ukrainian refugees to access the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine programme (Homes4Ukraine, Manchester Homes for Ukraine, and Hand in Hand with Refugees). While over […]


Michel Barnier’s Secret Brexit Diary

Nigel Beevor
Portrait of EU Chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier has written a unique story from the diary he kept whilst he was leader of the European Union’s team negotiating the treaty for the UK’s departure from the EU.