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Living in Europe: Dateline Hamburg

Nicholas Kerr

My first experience of living in Europe was an internship in North Germany. I’m not sure that I’d recommend that one’s first experience of fending for oneself should be on a foreign shore but that’s how it was for me. I still possess (somewhere) the tear-stained letter which I wrote home from my first digs, […]

A helicopter pilot: Life in a Spin piloting Helicopters

John Price

Earthquakes. War. Fatal and near-fatal crashes. Romance in the desert. Sultans and royals. In the clutches of Iranian police. A world championship. Those and much more, all heavily laced with humour, are in a funny little book by helicopter pilot, Nick Mylne. Life In A Spin (The Conrad Press) is nothing to do with politics […]

Britain Alone

Nigel Beevor

Nigel Beevor writes about Britain’s past as a Great Power during the British Empire, which led to Churchill, Atlee and Macmillan’s government believing we deserved special treatment post-WWII. But after the 2016 EU referendum, Britain no longer holds the same status.