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A helicopter pilot: Life in a Spin piloting Helicopters

John Price

Earthquakes. War. Fatal and near-fatal crashes. Romance in the desert. Sultans and royals. In the clutches of Iranian police. A world championship. Those and much more, all heavily laced with humour, are in a funny little book by helicopter pilot, Nick Mylne. Life In A Spin (The Conrad Press) is nothing to do with politics […]

Britain Alone

Nigel Beevor

Nigel Beevor writes about Britain’s past as a Great Power during the British Empire, which led to Churchill, Atlee and Macmillan’s government believing we deserved special treatment post-WWII. But after the 2016 EU referendum, Britain no longer holds the same status.

Hell in my Head, by John F Bennett

Hugh Riddell
hell in my head

Hugh Riddell reviews John Bennett’s, ‘Hell in my Head’, a poignant novel that addresses the distress caused by military conflict and war; many of Bennett’s own family also suffered from physical and mental health issues after the Second World War

Lullaby Beach

Debby Jones

Lullaby Beach by Stella Duffy tackles coastal over-development and greed, rape, violence, gender inequality, revenge, race and “Me Too.”