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“Alexander and Maria” – a Romantic Novel by Soulla Christodoulou

Mary O'Brien

The sad joyless marriage between Alexander and Sandra came across very well but equally very one-dimensional, and the descriptions of Sandra I found cruel. I know this is how Alexander perceived her, and the book was called Alexander and Maria not Alexander and Sandra, but the story would have had more depth and interest for me had she had a voice too.


The Lost Wisdom of the Magi – A Novel by Susie Helme

Charlotte Lebon

The protagonist, Sophia is a Jewish girl from Babylon. The plot is broadly divided into five phases: her life in Babylon in a family of well-settled Jews, her father being a keeper of manuscripts; her flight across the desert with Nabatean merchants; her seven years with a strict Jewish sect;  her allegiance to the zealots in the time of the Roman attacks on Jerusalem, and finally her looking back in old age, from a female academy in Alexandria.