tearing nature out

Spring mourning

Beside the canal near Hythe

Can you hear the songbirds singing in the trees?
Can you see the kestrel hover in the breeze?
How about the badger snuffling through leaves?
And have you seen the flowers loved by the bees ?
I’m sure they were here once, but where have they gone?
No longer do they come here, there’s little for them now
When the diggers came, they knew their days were done.
And now there are just houses, with parking down below.
The people did their best, to protect nature and light
They signed the petitions and marched to win the fight
But the dark clouds were brewing o’er in Folkestone heights
The lure of money and new apartments snuffed out that hopeful light.
Some said it was just waste ground 
Some said it was useless trees
They missed the bigger picture
That concrete doesn’t breathe.
And now the diggers are coming
And the people just left fuming
They’ll tear the nature out
Of that there is no doubt
What’s happened to this pleasant land?
What’s happened to our earth?
It will all be under bricks and sand
Before we understand it’s worth
So today I am in mourning 
But tomorrow I’ll rise anew
A new day is dawning
Let us hold firm and true.