Rainham, Kent, Links With Mainland Europe

Class 395 ‘Javelin’ at Rainham Level Crossing, Kent, heading east to Faversham
Two Class 395 “Javelin” trains passing at Rainham Station, Kent; photo by train_photos under CC Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

Kent has had links with the mainland of Europe for a very long time, both through the migration of peoples and through trade.  Nico Kerr, one of the editors of Kent Bylines, recently spoke to Sandy Fleming at Rainham News about those links in the village of Rainham, Kent, where he now lives.

He was keen to publicise EuroWalks, a programme of prepared walks highlighting local places with links to continental Europe. Recent archæological work on a development site on Rainham High Street has revealed the area’s connections with the Franks of what is today northern France.

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