Poem For a Bright Sunny Day

Royal Military Canal at Hythe
Royal Military Canal at Hythe; Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0

There is nothing finer on a bright sunny day
Than to walk Princes Parade, and to feel the spray
Of the untamed waves as they crash on the shore,
And to hear the shout of the golfer of “fore”.
From Seabrook to Hythe the dog walkers amble,
While on the canal towpath the walking groups ramble,
And the pensive angler tries their luck for a bite,
While the dragonfly hovers as it pauses in flight.

Young Protesters; photo courtesy of Hythe District Photographic Club

There’s peace and calm and the atmosphere’s serene,
As our mood is improved by the splendour of green.
The anglers on the beach stare at the sky,
And the food van brings succour to the hungry and dry.
But who could imagine there are those who just long
That that which we treasure will soon be all gone.
The future is precious, which is why we must fight,
For our children will bless us if we do what is right.
So let’s save Princes Parade from all concretisation,
And preserve our Green Spaces for the future generation.