“Partygate” letter to the editor

Westminster signs, photo by Malcolm Laverty
Westminster signs, photo by Malcolm Laverty

I didn’t hear the word, “Sorry”

13 January 2022

Dear Damian Green MP,

I have waited 24 hours to email you so that my thoughts were not clouded by my emotions at listening to the non-apology of the PM: perhaps one could describe more aptly as a “technical” apology. Having followed you as my MP it doesn’t seem to me that the Johnson brand of leadership accords with your own values. However, I think it is important to contact you to express my views on the recent actions of the PM.

“Nolan” Principles

I am a school governor and every year I am asked to agree to act in accordance with the Seven Principles of Public Life:

  • Selflessness
  • Integrity
  • Objectivity
  • Accountability
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Leadership

I don’t think I need to labour the point.

Not Just Party Politics

If this were simply about politics, I would be glad to see Mr Johnson remain in office because of the damage he is doing to the Conservative Party; however, for the good of the country he needs to go. If we have to face another crisis, for example, a more lethal variant, many of the people who sacrificed so much in lockdown will simply ignore diktats from this shameless PM.

Downing Street Fiddled While Covid Reaped

I am lucky; I didn’t lose anyone to covid; I didn’t have to stay away, while a loved one died alone. If I had done, I would have known I was doing the right thing at a time of crisis. But what about now? I would be castigating myself that that perhaps I should have acted in my own self-interest, broken the rules and put love before duty.

Those people must feel a huge burden of guilt – there are so many heart-rending stories of the sacrifices that were made. The way that the British people responded to the lockdowns was admirable. What will happen when we face the next crisis if this man is still the one in charge?

Theresa Dickens

Kent Bylines is not permitted to publish the MP’s reply because of the disclaimer shown below:

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The MP in his reply basically said that he is waiting for the report from a senior Civil Servant.