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France aims to exploit Brexit to grab more British finance jobs
As Emmanuel Macron gears up for an election in just over a year, the president’s trusted aide is mounting attacks on his rivals

Indigenous voices are marginalised in national political communication
Sami people in the Nordic countries do not enjoy the same opportunities to influence the political agenda as the majority population. “When you zoom in on a group, you discover how opportunities for political communication differ for minorities when compared with the majority population.” This is maintained by Eli Skogerbø, Professor of Media Studies at the University of Oslo.

Post-Brexit trade: ‘If you don’t speak French, you’re stuffed’
More than a month after the UK’s post-Brexit trade deal with the EU came into force, complaints from British importers and exporters continue to mount. Rules of origin for products that are imported into the UK, then exported to the EU are causing difficulty for some firms.

Ursula von der Leyen’s mission ‘to the moon’
The European Green Deal rests on the collective commitment of the 27 member states. The fate of the renewable-energy directive shows the scale of that challenge.