Man walks through Channel Tunnel – and costs €50,000

The last time you could legally walk through the Channel Tunnel – A Punch cartoon from the time when the Channel Tunnel was being built: “Punch – Channel Tunnel” by roger4336

One way of keeping fit during Lockdown might be to walk through the Channel Tunnel. On 21 December 2020, security officers on the French side of the Channel Tunnel arrested a young man who had just walked through the tunnel, with his sleeping bag, a sports bag and a scratched photo ID.

He claimed to be Hungarian, but would say no more. He appeared in court again on 1 February, by which time it was established that he was a young British man from Manchester who had been convicted of 21 of the 50 criminal charges against him, and had already spent four years in prison.

According to a French police source, “”He was running, so as to get to France as soon as possible.” But his plan for a European tour have now been halted by a prison sentence of  six months. His lawyer tried to plead that there no proof of  his under-the-Channel illegal walk.  But security cameras in the tunnel had recorded the walk six times on that date,  and Channel tunnel management stated that this walk cost some €50,000 in stoppages.

It is only the second known incident of its kind, and happened despite massive security measures inside the undersea facility.

  • as reported in La Voix du Nord, local paper on French side of the Channel

In 2014, Team Sky rider and Tour de France Winner Chris Froome crossed the English Channel by bicycle, using the Eurotunnel service tunnel and support by Jaguar Cars.

As the world’s leading professional cyclists depart the UK after three days of enthralling Tour de France action, Jaguar released a short film titled “Team Sky – Cycling Under The Sea,” which documents the Team Sky leader riding from the Eurotunnel Terminal in Folkestone on England’s south-east coast, to Calais in France