Little Amal Came To Canterbury

Little Amal Comes to Canterbury
Little Amal in Canterbury

“Little” Amal is Three-And-A-Half Metres Tall!

On Thursday 21 October a large puppet entered Canterbury. Little Amal is the creation of Handspring Puppet Company, who made their reputation with the puppets for the stage play, “War Horse”. She had been welcomed to our shores in Folkestone, as part of an 8,ooo km journey across Europe designed to highlight the plight of refugee children.

The puppet, 3.5 m tall, represents a young Syrian girl seeking safety in a new home. Her journey has taken her on from Canterbury to London and Oxford and Birmingham. On Friday 29 October, at 3 pm Amal’s barge will approach Sheffield’s Victoria Quays for a warm welcome from the city. Among the treats will be a traditional brass band.

The following day Amal will arrive at Wentworth Castle in Barnsley at 2 pm. Here she will encounter an artwork linking items associated with her long walk from the Turkish-Syrian border. Then on Wednesday 3 November Amal’s long journey finds its end in Manchester, with a big event starting at 7 pm at Castlefield Bowl.

Choirs and Children Sing a Welcome

Below you will find a copy of the song sheet which was handed out, and an accompanying music track which you can play. You can either listen or sing along!

Guide Learning track of Hayati