*Letter to the editor* Proposed airfield near Dover

A letter from a pilot

Objectors show uninformed and short-termed thinking

It is always distressing to read exaggerated and ill-informed criticism of projects such as the proposed airfield at Mongeham.  After all it is a truism to say that it is easier to destroy than to create.

A chance for Kentish innovation and leadership

One of the most exciting and innovative facilities included in the plans envisaged is electric charging units for both cars and aeroplanes.

This is scathingly dismissed by one critic as a “disingenuous greenwashing” and that “aircraft have only capacity for very short flights”.

Neither statement is true.

Electric aeroplanes are very much here. Already on the market is a product that has a range of 738 nautical miles with a seating capacity nine passengers. Next year will be the first commercial test flight from Exeter Airport to Newquay Airport.

A huge reduction in running costs and noise pollution together with a 92% reduction in pollution-related deaths due to aviation ensures that electric aircraft is the star of the future. It is not surprising that there are currently over 81 types of electric aircraft either in production or development on 15 different countries.

With so many airfields disappearing throughout the UK, it is encouraging to hear of a project that will :

  1. help the many, many pilots who have lost their jobs to keep flying currency
  2. encourage tourists to take advantage of the beautiful Kentish countryside
  3. contribute to the economy of the county
  4. allow the youth of Kent to acquire a practical and lasting skill
  5. open a facility for the Flying Ambulance and emergency services to utilise
  6. demonstrate that the Kentish Authorities have looked to the future and have shown unique foresight