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Keir Starmer has caught the public mood. Now he can shape the political argument
The Guardian: There are ideas aplenty – but one capital omission. Brexit, with its origins in a twisted alchemy of nationalism and libertarianism – the connecting theme of all three recent disasters – will cumulatively cost Britain another £1tn in lost trade, output and tax over the next decade. On this Starmer was silent.

Boris Johnson Claims Journalists Are ‘Always Abusing People’
Huffington Post: Boris Johnson told children on a school visit that journalists are “always abusing people”. Johnson took it upon himself yesterday to insult journalists. Well, that may be Johnson’s journalist record.

Government to reportedly shutter Green Homes Grant after less than a year
Current: The Green Homes Grant is to reportedly be scrapped next month following less than a year of operation. The £2 billion scheme – announced last summer and administered by American firm ICF – is designed to provide vouchers for green home technologies such as solar thermal and heat pumps.

New laws needed to tackle ‘shocking’ scale of extremism
Counter Terror Business: The findings from a legal review examining the adequacy of existing legislation in relation to hateful extremism has been published, calling for new laws to tackle the ‘shocking and dangerous’ scale of extremism in the UK.

Johnson Taps Top Negotiator to Tackle EU Disputes: Brexit Bulletin
Bloomberg: It was all change at team Brexit Britain this week. Prime Minister Boris Johnson elevated his unelected chief Brexit negotiator David Frost to the cabinet …

After Brexit, British Tabloids Take Up a New Cause—Going Green
Bloomberg: The right-leaning papers tend to drive public opinion, and now they’re backing Boris Johnson’s campaign to tackle climate change

Boris ‘wants to build giant roundabout under the Isle of Man’
Metro/Sunday Times: The prime minister has hopes of building an ‘underground roundabout’ beneath the Isle of Man to connect Britain to Northern Ireland, Whitehall sources claim. Under the alleged plans, the transport network would see as many three tunnels heading out from England and Scotland in a bid to iron out post-Brexit trade issues across the UK.

They would connect at a roundabout named ‘Douglas Junction’, after the island’s capital, before heading out across the Irish Sea beneath the Isle of Man, reports The Sunday Times. Several senior Whitehall sources are said to have dismissed the roundabout plan as ’round the bend’ but it is so beloved by Boris Johnson that ‘it cannot die’.

It isn’t clear whether the proposals have costed in an underground lorry park and whelk stall.

Johnson’s Downing Street. Like an unstable Middle Eastern autocracy – with jihadis, family militias, and outside actors exchanging fire.
Conservative Home: perhaps not the obvious source of an article with this title. Downing Street, apparently, like some unstable Middle Eastern autocracy, is in danger of disintegrating into shifting, unintelligible and bewildering factions – divided not only over policy but over personal history, and the post-EU Tory referendum story of who did what to whom.

Calls for inquiry into Boris Johnson’s fiancée’s influence over Government
A group of Conservative party supporters have called for an ‘independent inquiry’ into the role of Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds in the ‘governing’ of the UK. Think tank the Bow Group want officials to probe into Ms Symonds’ ‘position and authority’ within the current administration amid accusations she is helping to control key Government appointments.

UK government cites US anti-LGBT ‘hate group’ in free speech proposals
ADF International, an anti-abortion, ‘dark money’-funded think tank, has provided ‘evidence’ for decline in free speech and academic freedom

Yale professor compares Tories’ war on woke to key elements of fascism
A philosophy professor at Yale University has compared the Conservative’s ‘war on woke’ to key elements of fascism on social media – saying cries of supposed threat to free speech from the left are a typical far-right move. Propaganda and anti-intellectual moves are highlighted as indicators of a fascist state in his book.

Boris Johnson’s Union Unit chief Oliver Lewis ‘quits’ after only two weeks in the job – Daily Record
Oliver Lewis, an ally of former Government adviser Dominic Cummings, is said to have resigned amid tensions within Downing Street. The Unit was created with the aim of saving the UK amid rising support for independence.

School closure chaos: What DfE knew about Covid variant
More information emerged about what the DfE knew about the new coronavirus variant when it issued its legal order to keep schools open last term. The government has faced more scrutiny today over why it took legal action to force some schools to stay open last term when a more transmissive variant of Covid-19 was at large.