Issue 20 – 29 January 2022

Our February focus will be on a whole variety of political issues in Europe: Ukraine; Belarus; French Presidential election; the energy crisis.
We’re always interested in book reviews, Kent politics or heritage. Please send in your contributions to us in January.

The editorial team of Kent Bylines is: Charlotte Mbali, Magdalena Williams, Nicholas Kerr and Chris Hammond

How badly are you being affected by rising prices?
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Would you like to write for Kent Bylines? We are always looking for new writers, as well as people helping behind the scenes with editing and uploading articles. Citizen journalism is all about teamwork!


You are invited to attend a local Protest Walk, as part of a National Pushback, on Sunday 13 February, at midday where you live. The more who Protest Walk in unison the stronger the message to government – the electorate won’t keep accepting the DEVELOPER-DESTRUCTION of our agricultural and wildlife / well-being greenfield havens.The day before the national petition is handed in to Westminster on their green spaces. 
Meeting at Neals Place Barn Farm shop Canterbury! All welcome…

From Saturday 12 to Sunday 20 February, Kent’s wildest animal park, Wildwood, will be celebrating the humble Wellington boot in a week of squelchy, mud-filled fun. Visitors are being called on to put their best (wellied) feet forward for the wettest season of the year and enjoy a host of activities from welly trails and design competitions to Viking bushcraft classes.

If you have any events which you’d like us to publicise, send details to Charlotte Mbali ( or Nico Kerr (, and we’ll include them.