I will send a Doodle Poll shortly

In this new world of a multitude of Zoom Conferences (other brands are available) and a 24/7 commitment to the anti-Brexit cause (other causes are avaialble), what are the words in an email that you most dread?

For me – even though I do this myself and cringe every time – it’s “I will send a Doodle Poll shortly”. This makes my heart shrink two sizes. Another Doodle Poll to set up a Zoom meeting sends a dagger to the heart and another to the brain.

What if it’s a Doodle Pool to a Zoom meeting to pre-check your Zoom availability for a different upcoming Zoom event? Thanks, 2020.

And then, is it best to be first or the last to respond? What’s the “game theory perspective” – in vogue in Government these days – as they “wargame” one failed strategy after another?

I usually shoot for last because I hate making decisions. At least it allows a couple of days before answering. Then, you can either be the swinging vote and get to pick your date – or unfortunately(!) can only make the days other participants are not available. Shucks.

Time Zones

One point to watch with Doodle Polls is when you are trying to set a meeting across time zones. The default situation is that the system will adjust its times to the time zone of the recipient. So if I suggest a time for 9am London time, a recipient in Italy will see that meeting automatically proposed for 10am – very clever! But of course if the recipient assumes that the time is GMT and not CET, they will miss the first hour of the meeting! It is possible to override the default, so that all recipients see the time zone of the organiser, but then that introduces a different confusion!!

So to avoid all this mess, it is vital that all recipients know how the Doodle Poll has been set up in the first place. And of course if you put a meeting in your diary, and then change time zones yourself, don’t forget to change the time in your own diary!!

But what is the alternative?

Doodle Polls are painful indeed! But truly, it is the best polling and meeting arrangement system out there. We need to talk… Let me send you a Doodle Poll.