Issue 3 – ❤❤ 14 February 2021 ❤❤ Valentine’s Day Special ❤❤

? Kent Bylines – News from the Garden of England & Gateway to Europe ?

❤ Valentine Roses

Roses in February used to come from heated glasshouses in the Netherlands, now farmers in East Africa have developed cut-flower exports

❤ The Mating Dance of the Great Crested Grebe ❤

Great Crested Grebe at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve, photographed as they mated, nested and raised their chicks.

❤ A special trip for future honeymoons?

Travelling to Mars is now only “a minor future challenge”

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??UK Government overturns ban on controversial pesticide

Neonicotinoids (neonics for short), are potent insecticides – only tiny amounts are required to kill insects – including bees.

Pride of place at Chartwell

The current Prime Minister apparently models himself on Churchill. In turn, Churchill’s admiration for Napoleon was not as unusual as it now appears.

? Audience homes in, but BBC plays away

We could switch to Netflix and Amazon, for more high quality films. But is that the British-made entertainment many of us actually want.

Where is the Family Doctor?

GPs in their 50s want to retire early and young GPs no longer wish to become partners. A&E departments are fed up with seeing patients who should be with their GPs,

? More ways to get those budding literary masterpieces aired

Alternatives to subsidy publishing – how should unknown authors go about getting their books published without shelling out cash upfront?

? If you go down to the woods today… ?

The UK’s first ever job advert for two Bison rangers has seen a huge amount of applicants.

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❤ It’s chocolate, Jim, but not as we know it ❤

How about giving some delicious Belgian dark chocolate to your beloved for Valentine’s Day ?

❤ L’amour sans frontières ❤

Britons mad or unlucky enough to fall in love with someone from another country now faces BIG problems, when it comes to settling down

❤ Digital dating in the pandemic age ❤

As work and education have transitioned online so has the dating world. In a time when being physically close to someone is dangerous, video call dates are the norm.

Changes in property taxes for UK owners: (2) Spain

Changes to tax for Brits who own property in Spain

His last novel: Agent Running in the Field

John le Carre defined the spy novel genre and moulded much of our emotional response to the Cold War, he also spanned the living memory of an entire country

Man walks through Channel Tunnel – and costs €50,000

Security officers on the French side of the Channel Tunnel arrested a young man who had just walked through the tunnel, with his sleeping bag, a sports bag and a scratched photo ID