Issue 2 – 2 February 2021: Napier Barracks and Postal Voting

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Is Westminster heading for a Kick in the Pantiles?

When Kent goes to the polls in the next local elections a few hundred voters could deliver a shock to the Conservative government’s Leave project.

More votes by post *really can* change the result of an election

More votes by post *really can* change the result of an election

Free Ports: Free for All and Free for Whom?

Freeports are a bit dodgy. In 2019, following a report on tax evasion and money laundering, the European Parliament called for them to be scrapped.

River Thames – from Tranquil Water to Dustbin Estuary

Those clear waters of Thames Head and Manorbrook Lake are in stark contrast to the Thames Estuary

No red shoes for Christmas

Goods ordered from EU suppliers now cost much more because of customs dues and VAT which are added to the old price

Changes in property taxes for UK owners: (1) France

Changes to tax for Brits who own property in France

The Davis Downside Dossier – keep up to date with the pluses and minuses of cakeism..

Railway links to Europe: monument to a lost cause?

in not building a network of local links around the Eurostar services, the UK has missed an opportunity to integrate better with mainland Europe.

Doubling down on Dover deceit

The government prepares to survey villagers near Dover , even though plans to build a lorry inspection park are already finalised.

Who stole *MY* jab slot?

You were unable to go to/missed your 1st appointment to get the coronavirus vaccination

Have you taken your Citizen Test yet ?

The “Official Study Guide” to the “Life in the United Kingdom” citizenship test.

Kippers – the story of the Kentish Independence Party

The story of the Kentish Independence Party (a review of Kippers by Fred Atkins)

Is today’s book publishing industry failing its writers?

It’s also time for the industry to cease its arrogant and snobbish attitude towards subsidy publishing, where authors contribute towards the cost of printing a book.

McDonalds on the Meadow – the Burgermeister withdraws (updated 31 January 2021)

McDonald’s are planning yet another fast food outlet in Ashford, destroying a lovely meadow

From Prague to Plague

A Kent Union survey has found out that 42% of student respondents are not satisfied with the quality of their online learning experience.

A year in the life of Sevenoaks Town Centre – in pictures

a photo exhibition – a celebration of all the commercial and non-commercial activities forming the town centre of Sevenoaks

A pat on the dragon’s head – one of the secrets of Romney Marsh

St George in full regalia is shown gently patting the dragon on the head presumably advising that in contemporary times issues are settled by negotiation.

Patients go bananas over lack of apples

Lack of vegan options and apples could be bad for health for hospital patients, yet is easily solvable

The Mountains and the Marsh

Romney Marsh – a corner of Kent wth beauty and charm

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