Hens in Lockdown get poor Deal

Hens in coop.
Caged hens – also in lockdown (avian flu) – pic author supplied

It seems we are not the only species under a lockdown: consider the birds. 480 chickens were “culled” recently (Nov 2020) at a poultry farm off the A238 in Deal, Kent due to cases of avian flu (H5N2).

Experts have assured the public that there is no risk of this virus jumping to humans or contaminating food from poultry.  However, the threat of this in Kent, as well as the more virulent outbreaks at farms in Norfolk, Leics and Yorks have caused the Government to issue lockdown orders on all British poultry.

They must be kept 24/7 in secure pens which other wild birds cannot enter. Poultry keepers must not trample soil from inside the pen out into their garden or street.

My poor chukkies – no more garden roaming.