Electric Scooter Rider at Dawn, a poem

Electric Scooter rider
By Cotonbro free download from pexels

He was standing up straight on the scooter,
A silhouette in the dawn sunlight,
As he glided over the railway bridge
Safety jacket gleaming,
One of the few going to work on wheels like this.

What posture compares to this allure ?
A charioteer poised in bronze cab, reins in hand
A steel-clad knight pounding by on be-ribboned steed ?
A falconer stretching an arm for the swooping bird ?
An archer pulling back the taut willow to point the arrow ?
A red-coated huntsman rearing his horse over the fence ?
An Olymnpic diver plunging from on high ?
A champion cyclist speeding the course ?
A skier leaping the gradient ?
A surfer poised on the crest of the wave ?
Yes, all these require the body beautiful,
Muscles trim in honed routines

But what of the effortless glide on this electric scooter ?
It shows off the well-shaped youth
As well as any male mammal or bird
In display for a mate.

But it is not this individual only that stirs my attention:
It is the promise he brings of towns full of scooters
Of streets without cars,
Of air unpolluted by traffic fumes,
Of car-parks transformed to sports fields
Or meadows of wild flowers,
And multi-story stacks repurposed into green salad walls

Just as the travellers stuck in mud-rutted tracks
Could scarcely imagine the smoothness of rails
And in cities foggy with coal dust and steam
Could scarcely picture the ease of the family car,
So now we, newly aware of the gasping need
To lessen pollution of oily transport
Can applaud the future of elecric scooters,
In that serene dawn silhouette.