Dinosaur Footprints at Folkestone

Rocks with dinosaur prints
Biodiversity Heritage Library
CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Geology researchers have confirmed that dinosaur footprints found in rocks from the cliffs near Folkestone are those of medium-sized dinosaurs from 120 million years ago. These rocks are now on display in Folkestone museum.

Poem about dinosaurs in Kent

They trampled the swampy earth,

Such a variety of them,

Some eating plants, some eating dead fish

And some probably planning to eat another.

At that moment they had no idea

Their actions would be studied

120 million years later.

They ambled, or scurried, off the scene.

The water came floating in,

Heavy with silt that settled on their footprints

And preserved that moment in solid rock.

While continents cracked and swung around

And pushed that sediment north.

So we rush around in hurried lives,

Such a variety of us,

Some eating plants and some eating dead flesh

And some probably planning to hurt each other.

As we have no idea how our actions will be studied,

Even a few years later,

We take a quick photo to share our world,

Before we move on to another scene.

While the years are marching on,

Heavy or happy with memories,

And preserved in passed-on family tales

Among kin and progeny dispersed across continents.

When something cracked and swung around

And put a border between us.

We have no idea how this will look

Even a few years later.

A haiku

Dinosaurs trampling

Water-borne silt filled their tracks

Made rocks for our gaze

Editors Note: This is the second time poems have been submitted on a Kent topic. Let’s encourage some more poetic submissions !