Come Listen, Members Honorable

The Chamber of the House of Commons, Westminster, in 2010
House of Commons of the United Kingdom in 2010 – photo by UK government Open Government License 3

To the tune of God rest you merry, gentlemen as performed by “Last Tuesday”

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Come listen, Members Honorable
Let nothing you deny
Those that take those second jobs
Are rolling in the pie
They grasp the gold of high net worth
While their constituents cry
O tidings of glamour and of lies
          glamour and lies
O tidings of glamour and lies.
Fear not, thus spake the government,
Tho’ Covid  you affright,
This day, we will make lockdown
To keep you safe and tight.
But then, no matter, we make trips
For whatever we do is right.
O tidings of journeys and of lies
          Journeys and lies
O tidings of journeys and of lies
In Downing Street, in London town
A flat is to be refurbed.
The money came from a tame tycoon
Tho’ voters were disturbed,
That in the ministerial code
Such favours are not curbed.
O tidings of favours and of lies
           Favours and lies
O tidings of favours and of lies
No households were allowed to mix
As the epidemic grew.
But a gathering was held ‘tis said
For some public servants few.
They snacked, and coughed and chatted
Tho’ nobody knew
O tidings of hypocrisy
O tidings of hypocrisy.
The NHS was lacking kit
To fight this dread disease
So the contracts they were given out fast
To those that the Tories please
But this does not get the best result
So some would call this sleaze
O tidings of profits and of sleaze
          Profits and sleaze
O tidings of profit and sleaze.