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Stories of general interest to the whole of the UK

Civil Liberties Under Threat

Nigel Beevor

The Government’s proposals would weaken our Civil Liberties. They would show that the Government cannot be trusted on Constitutional Reform. The Electorate should be reminded of the dangers to our liberties and the warnings made by Lord Hailsham in the 1970s of the growth of an elective dictatorship in our country.

Is being vegan good for you?

TC Callis
Veganuary, Photo by Roam In Color on Unsplash

In her latest article Teece Callis asks if veganism is good for you. She highlights some difficulties arising from adopting a vegan diet.

What’s the Holdup?

Charlotte Mbali

Traffic is queuing on M20. What’s the holdup? Could it be the extra paperwork and inspections that came with Brexit? It’s set to get worse.


Charlotte Lebon
Partygate meme

Partygate: Kent Bylines has been collecting the memes on the theme which have been circulating on social media.

Fish of the Medway

Tanya Ferry
Image taken from KEIFCA by

Funding for the Fish of the Medway project helps keep the Medway as a no-take zone in order to protect the survival of several fish species.

KBL Anniversary Quiz

Nicholas Kerr

To celebrate our first birthday, the KBL Anniversary Quiz recalls some of the topics we have covered over the last twelve months.


Germany’s Election

Chris Hammond

Chris Hammond lays out for us the recent German Federal Election and the Grundgesetz in which the country takes great pride.