Section: UK

Stories of general interest to the whole of the UK

There was a gale

Chris Hammond

There was a gale, a loud crack and the sound of a tree crashing down. If there was a broken cable, were we in danger of electrocution?

Vanishing Workers

Charlotte Mbali
A frame from a hive of honey bees showing capped and open cells and workers

Are higher prices and empty shelves in supermarkets caused by the loss of workers from the EU? The Grocer recently published an analysis.


What Is “Disinformation”?

Jan Fuscoe
Graphic illustrating the fact that 5G networks are not responsible for the spread of Covid-19

Jan Fuscoe asks, What is disinformation? She proceeds to explain it and the difference between disinformation and misinformation.

Couples on Camera

Fleur Challis

A small gallery of Couples on Camera, photographs by Folkestone photographer, Fleur Challis; some are birds pairing, others are people.

Standards In Public Life

Jan Fuscoe

Jan introduces us to the seven “Nolan Principles” of standards in Public life. She considers the behaviour of MPs which is at odds with Nolan.