Section: UK

Stories of general interest to the whole of the UK

Garden pests 2

Juliet Blackburn
No more garden pests: Hostas with no slugs

Juliet introduces us to more garden pests with which she has to do battle, and discusses varies ways of getting rid of them.

Why does the government need to force academisation?

Theresa Dickens
Strood Academy

In England, City Technology Colleges were established which allowed the Tories to target their wider political objectives of increasing selection, weakening the power of local education authorities and teacher trade unions, and introducing privatisation into English state education. 

VE day 9 May 1945

Charlotte Lebon
Field Marshall Keitel signs German surrender terms in Berlin 8 May 1945

Charlotte Lebon helps us celebrate VE Day by sharing letters from her parents describing the VE day celebrations in S Woodford and SW France.

Very Light Rail

Nicholas Kerr
Dudley VLR innovation Centre near completion

The answer to the problem of reducing the cost of a light rail transit scheme could well be the use of very light rail.