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Clear as mud or muck: new regulations on muck-spreading

Charlotte Mbali
clear as mud or muck

Farmers say that they are trying to do the right thing by using organic inputs (muck) rather than chemical fertilizers. It used to be a virtuous circle of the surplus from animal farming being used to improve the soil. But now this ban on autumn muck-spreading upsets this.


Electric Scooter Rider at Dawn, a poem

Charlotte Lebon

He was standing up straight on the scooter,A silhouette in the dawn sunlight,As he glided over the railway bridgeSafety jacket gleaming,One of the few going to work on wheels like this. What posture compares to this allure ?A charioteer poised in bronze cab, reins in handA steel-clad knight pounding by on be-ribboned steed ?A falconer […]

Injury Prevention Week: 2-9 August

Charlotte Lebon

The more we can predict accidents, the safer we can make our environment. The workplace, through Health and Safety regulation, has become much safer since John Lebon fell off that ladder. Most workers in skilled trades go through health and safety courses. Although this probably prevents many accidents of the ‘falling off  scaffolding’ type, I worry that there is amazing carelessness about air quality in several trades.