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Stories of general interest to the whole of the UK

UK government obesity strategy: epic failure

TC Callis
Large tummy and large bottom

The government is claiming that these pieces of legislation will create healthier eating out and shopping experiences, reduce obesity rates and improve the health of the UK population.But will it really make the UK a healthier place?

Find a new company to run cross-Channel trains!

Dan Staples
Election poster of candidate Artus Galiay

Damian Collins, MP for Folkestone, has mentioned to constituents who lobbied him on this that he has heard of talks between GetLink (the company that runs the Eurotunnel) and a French train company to start operating cross-Channel trains.

Why does the government need to force academisation?

Theresa Dickens
Strood Academy

In England, City Technology Colleges were established which allowed the Tories to target their wider political objectives of increasing selection, weakening the power of local education authorities and teacher trade unions, and introducing privatisation into English state education. 

VE day 9 May 1945

Charlotte Lebon
Field Marshall Keitel signs German surrender terms in Berlin 8 May 1945

“The Mairie was floodlit and a brass band was playing dance music to thousands of dancing couples, and young people circling with hands joined. The adjoining streets were dense with crowds, and our own car was stopped twice, and released, by gendarmes. Then to a friendly evening at the Club France-Anglais; mainly conversation, aperitifs and a little dancing.”

Homes for Ukraine volunteer groups

Tanya Ferry
Refugees from Ukraine

A joint press release 29 April 2022 Volunteer groups step up to plug holes in UK’s ‘dysfunctional’ Homes for Ukraine scheme. A joint press release from volunteer groups involved in helping Ukrainian refugees to access the UK government’s Homes for Ukraine programme (Homes4Ukraine, Manchester Homes for Ukraine, and Hand in Hand with Refugees). While over […]

Very Light Rail

Nicholas Kerr
Dudley VLR innovation Centre near completion

The answer to the problem of reducing the cost of a light rail transit scheme could well be the use of very light rail.


Michel Barnier’s Secret Brexit Diary

Nigel Beevor
Portrait of EU Chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier

Michel Barnier has written a unique story from the diary he kept whilst he was leader of the European Union’s team negotiating the treaty for the UK’s departure from the EU.