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Granny posts to Brussels

Charlotte Mbali
post to europe

Charlotte Mbali writes about the thousands of people still sending post to Europe; post offices across the country have reported a shortage of stamps for EU post, while it is becoming increasingly difficult to send small packages like mittens, scarves, or some vinyl.

Britain Alone

Nigel Beevor

Nigel Beevor writes about Britain’s past as a Great Power during the British Empire, which led to Churchill, Atlee and Macmillan’s government believing we deserved special treatment post-WWII. But after the 2016 EU referendum, Britain no longer holds the same status.

Counting Gypsies, Travellers and Roma

Charlotte Lebon

The 2021 UK Census had a tick-box for Roma for the first time. Gypsies and Irish travellers were only put in the census for the first time in 2011. “Gypsy” by Cernavoda is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 Gypsies and Travellers are 0.5% of population in Kent The results revealed 58,000 Gypsies and Irish travellers, the majority in the […]