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Regulating For Rainwater

Charlotte Mbali
The Great Stour near Canterbury looking north

Since the 1950s it has been a requirement to separate foul water and rainwater if possible. Over the years, various calculations have been made by civil engineers and planners to reduce flood-risk. These calculations are anchored in a base figure of expected water flow in an exceptional storm (one year in a 100 years). But climate change means such exceptional storms are coming more frequently.

At Wildwood at Easter

Georgina Mear
Spring blossom at Wildwood, Kent

From Saturday 2 April – Monday 18 April, Kent’s most egg-cellent animal park, Wildwood, will be helping visitors put a spring in their step with a host of fun activities and a line-up of furry favourites.

Margate Twinned With Yalta

Charlotte Lebon
Livadia Palace, Yalta, Crimea

Margate was twinned with Yalta in 1945. Stalin and Churchill were in Yalta for a conference in the closing months of World War II. Stalin suggested Yalta should be twinned with Brighton. Churchill rejected Brighton but suggested Margate instead.

There was a gale

Chris Hammond

There was a gale, a loud crack and the sound of a tree crashing down. If there was a broken cable, were we in danger of electrocution?

Mother Tongue

Charlotte Lebon
Fresco in Rochester Cathedral: Baptism of Christ and of men of Kent

If the original inhabitants of Kent spoke brythonic, an ancestor of Welsh, why is it that their mother tongue became English?