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Water Pollution stops housing developments in Kent

Amy Wernham
water pollution

Amy Wernham writes about water pollution in Kent; river pollution and eutrophication have a dire affect on housing development. A lot of the pollution comes from household sewage, and plans are being made for a large tank to be built to capture household waste.

Countrywide Campaign Map grows faster than Project Speed

Rosie Pearson

With planning reforms recently announced in the Queen’s Speech, the storm is about to break, of protest from community groups engaged with planning decisions about their local environment. In 2011 you could have been forgiven for thinking that the introduction of the Localism Act would have helped improve developer/resident relations.It aimed to hand decisions about […]

Green future

Hopes for a Green future but Kent’s Blue Wall still standing

Sarah Gleave

Conservatives dominate in Kent So Kent continues with 61 Conservative county councillors out of 81 and with 9 of 13 borough councils dictated to by Conservative cabinets. It continues as a one-party council that doesn’t reflect the fact that 60-80% of Kent doesn’t vote Conservative.    Where opposition parties won Conservatives went into the 2021 Kent County […]