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Local election results in Kent

Charlotte Mbali
Election results: Maidstone District votes being counted

When it comes to election results, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone are both ‘swing towns’ with the potential to swing away from the Tory blue that dominates government everywhere else in this County.


South East Water customers invited to comment

Charlotte Mbali
Customer service agent with wide smile looking at computer screen

What kinds of things might water customers have opinions about yp contribute tp the 25-year plan? The most drastic is, of course, water supply. In 21st century England, we assume that clean water will flow from the taps whenever we need it.

Very Light Rail

Nicholas Kerr
Dudley VLR innovation Centre near completion

The answer to the problem of reducing the cost of a light rail transit scheme could well be the use of very light rail.

Harmony College

Mike Phillips
Barbershop singing group in blue-and-white striped shirts and boaters

Barbershop singing a cappella style encourages the growth of close harmony singing unaccompanied by instruments.

Opposition Parties Agree On Electoral Co-operation

Claire Jones
A hand placing a voting paper into a ballot box

For the past 100 years, we have been in the grip of a ‘winner takes all’, First Past The Post (FPTP) voting system that gives exclusive power to minority governments and fails woefully to represent the majority of us. Electoral co-operation could rescue us.

Walmer Town Council Cleans Up Dodgy Deal

Sarah Gleave
RNLI Walmer lifeboat station

The minutes of Walmer Town Council’s full council meeting held 2 February 2022 includes item 6315, which shows that the council voted to refer the matter to the authorities [police] and to suspend a serving councillor involved in the original decision from all committees.