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He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

Mental handicap seen through the ages

Claire Hill

Nowadays a child in need of special help gets “statemented” for SEN. Claire’s brother spent his life incarcerated due to mental handicap

From Afghanistan To Ashford: A Refugee’s Tale

Charlotte Mbali

O came and showed me the video on his phone of his hometown. There was gunfire, and frantic individuals scattering, clutching bags and boxes, what they had been trying to sell in the town centre. He told me the name of the town which he said was the last to fall to the Taliban before Kabul.


The Lost Wisdom of the Magi – A Novel by Susie Helme

Charlotte Lebon

The protagonist, Sophia is a Jewish girl from Babylon. The plot is broadly divided into five phases: her life in Babylon in a family of well-settled Jews, her father being a keeper of manuscripts; her flight across the desert with Nabatean merchants; her seven years with a strict Jewish sect;  her allegiance to the zealots in the time of the Roman attacks on Jerusalem, and finally her looking back in old age, from a female academy in Alexandria.