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Fermenting Food For Health

TC Callis
Selection of pickles in jars

For thousands of years human beings have been fermenting the food and drink they consume as a means to preserve and enhance them.


Healthcare In Italy

Ann Lawson Lucas

Ann Lawson Lucas gives a detailed account of healthcare in Italy, il Servizio Sanitario Nazionale. With photos by Simona Rizzardi.

And So To Pécs

Mike Phillips

Pécs is impressive and, despite its history, is now a modern and bustling city. Originally settled by Romans and Celts and enduring 150 years of Ottoman occupation it has a heritage of being a multi-ethnic city and is now named as a European Capital of Culture city.

French Fishing Boats Kept at Bay

Charlotte Lebon

For the next two weeks, the French authorities will discuss with the EU  representatives of the other 27 countries to see if a diplomatic solution can be found. But, if not, the fishing boss threatens actions will be taken against the British, not blocking the port, but stopping British goods.

First Impression Of Hungary on Landing

Mike Phillips

Within minutes of meeting Magdalena and Bonnie (her aged, but lovely German Shepherd) the motorway took us through green countryside past fields of sunflowers ready to harvest and paprika.