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Harmony College

Mike Phillips
Barbershop singing group in blue-and-white striped shirts and boaters

Barbershop singing a cappella style encourages the growth of close harmony singing unaccompanied by instruments.

Earth Day – 22 April

Kent Bylines
A garden fence with trellis holding apple blossom and a pollinator box

22 April is Earth Day. Kent Bylines invited its writers to tell us what they were planning to do to mark earth’s Mother’s Day.


Moveable Feasts

Charlotte Mbali
Hot Cross Buns on a wire rack

Passover, Easter and Ramadan This year is one of those rare years when Passover, Easter and Ramadan coincide. As this happens only every 30 years, most of us will experience this twice or at best three times in our lifetimes. For most people, our practice is confined to just one of these celebrations – unless […]