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Living in Europe: Dateline Hamburg

Nicholas Kerr

My first experience of living in Europe was an internship in North Germany. I’m not sure that I’d recommend that one’s first experience of fending for oneself should be on a foreign shore but that’s how it was for me. I still possess (somewhere) the tear-stained letter which I wrote home from my first digs, […]

Brussels internship

Debby Jones

Debby Jones shares her experience as a research assistant on her Brussels internship; not only gaining invaluable experience, but a (huge!) group of lifelong friends from all across the world.


Women across the world

Wanda Wright

The first Soroptimist club was set up, by 80 women, 100 years ago (1921) in California to improve the rights and status of women in a male dominated world.


Jackie Weaver, we salute you

Angela Ritch

Jackie Weaver’s now infamous Handforth Parish Council meeting, laid bare the sometimes-toxic underbelly of parochial politics.