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Britain threatens EU with “water war” firing warning shots in Brussels
Emnetra: Britain threatens EU with “water war” where you can see bottled mineral water in Europe banned from Britain in retaliation for shellfish ban

UK Accepts EU Request for More Time to Scrutinize Brexit Deal
Bloomberg: The UK agreed to allow the European Union to delay ratification of their post-Brexit trade deal by a month, injecting more uncertainty into the already fragile start to the two sides’ new relationship.

How the Civil Service has coped with Brexit
Briefings for Britain: Senior Fellow at the Institute of Government, Jill Rutter writes that ‘there is a lot of political blame to be handed out for the casual way in which politicians approached the referendum. But there are also some hard questions for the civil service to ask itself …about the extent to which it forced ministers to think through the detailed consequences of their decision to put UK membership on the line, not least the very stark implications for the future of the Union in general and Northern Ireland in particular.

Northern Ireland protocol: Unionism shoots itself in the foot
Irish Times: After the better part of half a decade spent as a playing piece on the Brexit board game, the people of Northern Ireland remain caught up in the turbulent and exhausting cycle of this particular fantasy.

One-in-four UK exporters looking to cut out EU customers post-Brexit
City AM: Almost one-in-four British exporters are planning on reducing their activity in the EU or eliminating it out entirely post-Brexit, according to a new survey.

Car firms ‘paddling furiously’ to maintain post-Brexit supply chains
Belfast Telegraph: An industry leader told MPs that the movement of parts is a ‘major challenge’. Carmakers are “paddling furiously below the water” to maintain their supply chains post-Brexit, an industry leaders has warned

The impact of Brexit on financial reporting
York Press: As we all know, the Brexit transition period ended on December 31, 2020, but what impact does that have on our financial reporting? There have been some very subtle but key changes to pieces of UK company law therefore it is vital to make sure that your group structures are aware of these changes and do not get caught out.

The UK economy is paying a heavy price for Johnson’s hubris
LSE: Brexit in its basic definition of the UK having left the European Union is done. Yet, the UK economy is only beginning to paying the price for Boris Johnson’s hubris during the negotiations with the EU.

Brexit-backing Sunderland says it is not receiving same level of funding outside EU
London Economic: Brexit challenges threaten to slow manufacturing’s come back in West Midlands.

Brexit capital gains: Will Europe’s financial hubs steal London’s crown now the UK has quit the EU
Euronews: The post-Brexit fallout came faster than many had expected. On January 4, the first trading day of 2021, almost €6 billion of EU share trading left London for other European capitals. Then earlier this month came the news that Amsterdam had overtaken London as Europe’s biggest share trading centre, as daily volumes fell sharply in the City and surged in the Dutch capital.

London set to remain financial services capital as over 1000 EU firms plan to open UK offices
More than 1,400 EU-based firms have applied for permission to operate in the UK after Brexit, with over 1,000 of these planning to establish their first UK office, according to a Freedom of Information request (FOI) by financial regulatory consultancy Bovill.

Vauxhall factory could close if deal not reached on electric car production
Belfast Telegraph: It is understood the company is seeking financial incentives to go ahead with plans for its Ellesmere Port site in Cheshire.

Boris Johnson calls for eat British fish campaign
Boris Johnson believes a campaign to encourage people to eat British-caught fish could help the industry combat post-Brexit disruption.

Getting Brexit done” will likely take years, not weeks
ReadyForBrexit: The news that Lord David Frost will be responsible for trade policy with the EU confirms that the UK government is settling in “for the long haul” on Brexit negotiations. Dismantling arrangements built up over nearly 50 years is not an easy task – especially when they relate to your closest neighbours and major trading partners.

UK aerospace industry ‘in limbo’, thanks to gaps in post-Brexit regime
Loadstar: The UK aerospace industry feels it is in limbo over how the country’s new aviation regulations interact with those of the EU and global counterparts. Chief executive of aerospace trade body ADS Group Paul Everett told the UK’s Business and Brexit Preparedness Committee getting to grips with the new regulatory environment would not be achieved without filling in gaps in the post-Brexit regime.

Amsterdam takes on the City in post-Brexit battle
Telegraph: Amsterdam, home to the world’s first “modern” stock exchange in the 17th century, is stealing the limelight from London once again. With EU-based financial institutions banned from trading European stock in London as a consequence of Brexit, Amsterdam overtook London as Europe’s top trading hub last month.

EU engaged in ‘very serious escalation’ over UK financial services, says Bank of England governor
Independent: Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey has accused the European Union of trying to poach business from the City of London in the wake of Brexit, labelling the bloc’s recent activity a “very serious escalation”.

Britain’s au pair system ‘killed’ by Brexit
Euractiv: Once a childcare mainstay for many working parents, Britain’s au pair system is under threat after Brexit – piling pressure on families and forcing some mothers to consider quitting their jobs.

Chesterfield MP comments on deployment of Derbyshire police officers to assist Brexit traffic chaos in Kent
Derbyshire Times: The town’s Labour MP, Toby Perkins, said he had spoken to police chiefs who have confirmed it would not affect the number of officers working in Derbyshire. “Clearly there are massive problems in terms of getting products in and out of the UK and that has implications for businesses across the country,” he said.

Restart Brexit talks because UK is ‘less safe and less secure’, Tory group tells Boris Johnson
Independent: Talks to rebuild security cooperation with the EU must restart now after the Brexit deal left the UK “less safe and less secure”, a Conservative group says. Boris Johnson is accused of “not being ambitious enough” after the agreement shut down access to vital criminal databases, including records of stolen identities and wanted people.

Liz Truss is refusing to answer questions about trading crisis sparked by Brexit, parties protest
Independent: Liz Truss is refusing to answer questions about the cross-Channel trading crisis sparked by Brexit, says a stinging attack by six opposition parties. The International Trade Secretary has “transferred” all enquiries about the plight facing firms to other departments, they say – despite it being her job to promote exports overseas.

Deal for common EU-UK food safety standards ‘on the table’
Politico: A U.K.-EU agreement on common animal health and food-safety standards would make it much easier to ship British animals, meat and plant products into Europe’s single market, according to EU Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič.

McKellen and Stewart call for “towering hurdle” of Brexit visa problems for artists to be solved
NME: Legendary stars Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart are among the latest names calling for the resolving of the ongoing argument surrounding visa-free touring for UK artists and crew in Europe post-Brexit.

Labour MPs dismayed at orders to maintain ‘radio silence’ on Brexit
The Guardian: Labour MPs are being asked by the party’s High Command not to focus on problems caused by Brexit when asking questions in parliament, dealing with the media, or posting on social media, according to sources in the parliamentary party.

Ports feel the chill as trade re-routes around Brexit Britain
In just seven weeks, freight volumes at Holyhead, traffic has fallen 50% as hauliers stymied by Brexit find their way from Ireland to France without entering the UK. The port’s owner, Stena Line, part of the shipping line owned by the Swedish Olsson family, is warning that the slump could be permanent.

UK fishermen fear losing homes amid export ban
Sky News: Shellfish workers in Cornwall say some are at risk of losing their homes because of an overnight ban on exporting their product to the EU. The EU has stopped UK fishermen selling oysters, scallops, clams, cockles and mussels caught in so-called “Class B” waters.

Brexit sea border deal risks return to violence, Trimble claims
The Irish Times: The Northern Ireland protocol in the EU-UK Brexit deal risks a return of violence, pulls apart the Belfast Agreement and “must not be allowed to stand”. Northern Ireland protocol ‘wilfully tears up’ Belfast Agreement, former UUP leader says

Twycross Zoo conservation ‘halted by lack of Brexit forms’
BBC News: Twycross Zoo says its conservation programme has stalled due to a lack of post-Brexit paperwork. It had been due to export its critically-endangered Amur leopard for breeding but said the forms used before the UK left the EU had “vanished”. It has called on the government to urgently issue replacement forms.

Horse breeders dodge paperwork thanks to Brexit loophole
Telegraph: Horse breeders in Ireland are evading expensive fees and onerous paperwork by transporting high-value mares via Northern Ireland in a Brexit loophole, instead of directly to mainland Britain

Brexit Supply Chain Friction Persists in Blow to Manufacturing
BloombergQuint: Supply chain disruptions pushed UK manufacturing output to its weakest level in nine months as friction moving goods across the border after Brexit persisted. IHS Markit said more than half of all companies reporting lower exports in February blamed the decline on Britain’s departure from the European Union. That came as the rest of the economy showed signs of stabilizing after a rapid slump caused by the third national lockdown starting in January.

Brexit and the impact on farmers
Gazette & Herald: Although the tariffs are no longer a threat, trade will still not be completely frictionless and farmers who deal with the EU or traditionally used EU workers still have much to consider. Jacqueline Barr, agricultural law specialist at Pearsons & Ward Solicitors in Malton explains.

The British shares on a 50pc ‘Brexit’ discount – for a limited time only
Telegraph: Investors have shunned London-listed shares because of uncertainty caused by Brexit and the economic damage from the Covid-19 pandemic, huge discounts compared to international rivals.

Kate Mosse: Brexit was an act of national self-harm.. they happen throughout history
The New European: The thing about rights, says historical novelist Kate Mosse, is that it can take years, decades, centuries, to win them, but they can be lost all too quickly. The thing about history, she adds, “is that it is a pendulum, not a constantly forward-moving arc of progress to better times for all.” Right now, in different parts of the world, and in the UK too, at least in part thanks to Brexit, she feels the pendulum going very much in the wrong direction, and plenty of rights being lost.

Queen drummer describes Brexit deal as ‘dreadful retrograde step’ for musicians
London Economic: Roger Taylor is one of hundreds of musicians to hit out at the government’s “shameful failing” of the country’s performers. Roger Taylor has described new obstacles posed by Brexit on musicians’ ability to tour in Europe as “a dreadful retrograde step”. The Queen drummer is one of more than 100 musicians who have accused the Government of “shamefully failing” the country’s performers with its Brexit deal.

UK fintechs seek ‘cure for Brexit’ in Lithuania
France24: Thanks in part to Brexit, Lithuania is becoming a fintech hub as a growing number of UK-linked digital financial companies are getting licences there so they can continue to operate in the European Union. The Baltic eurozone state with a population about a third the size of London is now leading the EU in fintech with over 230 companies, according to the Invest Lithuania government agency.

Post-Brexit Britain Plots Fintech Big Bang with Hubs, Tech Visas
Bloomberg/Telegraph: UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak plans to introduce new visas for financial technology workers in next month’s budget, part of a package of proposals in a report aimed at boosting the industry in the country, according to newspapers. The fast-track visa program is designed to lure global talent to Britain’s fintech companies and will mirror a similar policy for scientists, the Telegraph reported.

Cheshire Police officers sent to Kent to help manage Brexit traffic chaos
Warrington Guardian: POLICE from more than 30 constabularies all over Britain – including Cheshire – have been redeployed to Kent to help the authorities manage Brexit traffic chaos, it has emerged. Or is it to help avoid visible queues and delays in traffic flow? M20 cameras not available for public to view, as would normally be the case.

Boris Johnson’s government is ‘gaslighting’ Britain about the realities of Brexit, critics say
Critics fear that the Johnson administration has buried its head in the sand: The Prime Minister has called the difficulties no more than “teething problems”. “Only some of the issues we are seeing at present could be legitimately described as ‘teething problems,'” says Adam Marshall, Director of the British Chambers of Commerce. “Yes, some firms are facing adjustment … But others are seeing their entire business model up-ended, and their ability to trade successfully undermined.”

Brexit is why my 14-year-old child can’t get her wheelchair. This can’t be what people voted for
An apologetic wheelchair engineer told us everything was in place apart from some essential parts that had still not arrived from Germany. The reason he gave for the delay? Brexit.

London’s Brexit tab rises with stock and swaps moves
The first six weeks outside the European Union have brought major challenges to city’s position as dominant financial hub.