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Queen drummer describes Brexit deal as ‘dreadful retrograde step’ for musicians
London Economic: Roger Taylor is one of hundreds of musicians to hit out at the government’s “shameful failing” of the country’s performers. Roger Taylor has described new obstacles posed by Brexit on musicians’ ability to tour in Europe as “a dreadful retrograde step”. The Queen drummer is one of more than 100 musicians who have accused the Government of “shamefully failing” the country’s performers with its Brexit deal.

UK fintechs seek ‘cure for Brexit’ in Lithuania
France24: Thanks in part to Brexit, Lithuania is becoming a fintech hub as a growing number of UK-linked digital financial companies are getting licences there so they can continue to operate in the European Union. The Baltic eurozone state with a population about a third the size of London is now leading the EU in fintech with over 230 companies, according to the Invest Lithuania government agency.

Post-Brexit Britain Plots Fintech Big Bang with Hubs, Tech Visas
Bloomberg/Telegraph: UK Chancellor Rishi Sunak plans to introduce new visas for financial technology workers in next month’s budget, part of a package of proposals in a report aimed at boosting the industry in the country, according to newspapers. The fast-track visa program is designed to lure global talent to Britain’s fintech companies and will mirror a similar policy for scientists, the Telegraph reported.

Cheshire Police officers sent to Kent to help manage Brexit traffic chaos
Warrington Guardian: POLICE from more than 30 constabularies all over Britain – including Cheshire – have been redeployed to Kent to help the authorities manage Brexit traffic chaos, it has emerged. Or is it to help avoid visible queues and delays in traffic flow? M20 cameras not available for public to view, as would normally be the case.

Boris Johnson’s government is ‘gaslighting’ Britain about the realities of Brexit, critics say
Critics fear that the Johnson administration has buried its head in the sand: The Prime Minister has called the difficulties no more than “teething problems”. “Only some of the issues we are seeing at present could be legitimately described as ‘teething problems,'” says Adam Marshall, Director of the British Chambers of Commerce. “Yes, some firms are facing adjustment … But others are seeing their entire business model up-ended, and their ability to trade successfully undermined.”

Brexit is why my 14-year-old child can’t get her wheelchair. This can’t be what people voted for
An apologetic wheelchair engineer told us everything was in place apart from some essential parts that had still not arrived from Germany. The reason he gave for the delay? Brexit.

London’s Brexit tab rises with stock and swaps moves
The first six weeks outside the European Union have brought major challenges to city’s position as dominant financial hub.