My Granny

A view of Buccoo Beach, Tobago
A view of Buccoo Beach, Tobago – photo by Chris Fitzpatrick; licensed under CC Attribution-Share Alike 4.0

I have an awesome Granny,
She’s very small and brown
And when I come to see her
I never see her frown.

When I go to her house,
She cooks me scrumptious food
And when the smell hits your nose,
You can’t have attitude.

She came from Trinidad,
A place far, far away,
She came to study nursing
And she also came to stay.

I adore my granny’s culture,
It’s super, spicy cool
You eat mangoes and curry
You go to a beach not a pool.

So those of you with a granny,
Write a poem about them
Maybe yours is English
But mine is a Caribbean gem!